Using Apple TV in Special Education

I have started researching Apple TV for use in the classroom. I have been informed that my PE school (special education) is set up for this, however I have not had the opportunity to see it in action. It seems like a great alternative to using the IWB for lots of different learning experiences in different contexts. This video Apple TV in Education produced by Max Interactive Inc. provides an overview of Apple TV set-up and features. The video also mentions a program called Doceri , which also allows for whole class collaboration as well as the option of recording voice and screen activity. I am looking forward to quizzing my mentor and their ICT staff on how/whether they implement Apple TV in their teaching and learning.

Further, this video Using Apple TV in the classroom, presents some examples of how Apple TV is being used within a special education setting. It is evident that the children are engaged, even when the teacher is working one-on-one with students to support them in their responses. Some of the examples involved students actively participating in roll call, recording weather observations as well as responding to literacy and numeracy activities. I thought that it was a worthwhile 4 min of viewing, and helped me gain a visual of how technology could be incorporated into the classroom at this level.

I would love to hear whether any of your have blogged and/or had experience with Apple TV in the past.


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